Dima Wazani

Obtained her L.L.M in International Business Law from I.E university in Madrid, and her L.L.B from the University of York in the UK. Dima is a dual-qualified lawyer, where she is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association and is a qualified England and Wales Solicitor and she is a member at the Solicitors Regulations Authority in the UK. Hence is qualified to practice under both Jordanian and English law. Dima has completed her training contract at Sanad law group in Association with Eversheds- Sutherland, where she worked in different practice areas such as Commercial, Corporate, transactional/M&A, Litigation (Dispute Resolution), and Research and Regulatory. She has represented different high key clients in front of governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as courts.

Dima has also worked on drafting bills and regulatory projects involving different ministries and governmental bodies. She dealt with international cases and projects with different Eversheds offices such as the London, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Iraq offices. Dima has also worked in the UK as a Legal Advisor in Bullitt Group, and a contract associate and manager at the University of Reading. She has extensive experience in commercial and corporate contracts and projects. And has drafted, negotiated and reviewed diverse contracts for small, large and multinational companies. She has worked on and prepared due diligence reports for major Mergers and Acquisitions, and has shown great skill in resolving complex legal matters and disputes.