Lujain Yagmour

Lujain is a trainee Lawyer in Dispute Resolution Team at Kayan Law, her primary experience is within the field of litigation, especially in banking and and company disputes. She has represented multiple notable clients such as Ettihad Bank, Nuqol Automotive, and numerous other companies in front of the courts. She has shown great potential in critical thinking and understanding in which she is able to attain her clients’ legal rights in courts as well as settlements.


Lujain has appeared before the various courts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, including labor cases, financial claims cases, executive cases, and others. Moreover, Lujain has been amandent to understanding how to draft tailored contracts to clients, using her background in litigation as a tool to better protect the clients’ rights when drafting contracts. Moreover, Lujain has provided several legal consultations informing the clients of their legal position and keeping them up to date with their cases.