We offer a full range of commercial services. We continuously assist clients on various commercial matters. In this context, we assisted banks, food factories, IT entrepreneurs and investors in their business expansion. We have extensive experience in all legal and judicial fields, and in providing specialised legal studies and consultations for all investment and corporate transactions.

Our corporate practice helps local family-owned enterprises, emerging start-ups and large international companies with corporate services, corporate re/structuring, transactions and mergers and acquisitions.
We offer a full spectrum of legal services, including:
• Incorporation and setting up new companies
• Drafting of AoA, SPA, and MoMs
• Structuring of Affiliates and Subsidiaries
• Obtaining all operational licenses
• Establishing branches of foreign companies
• Registering commercial agencies,
• Winding up & Dissolution
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Due Diligence
With our comprehensive and full-service experience, we offer all related assistance. Wealways go beyond what is asked in order to ensure that our client is on the right path to their goals. We are business partners as well as legal advisors, we can provide legal assistance in different aspects including but not limited to:

Drafting Contracts

We have advised clients in various sectors, our experience includes large, complex, and cross
border transactions. We can render the service in an effective and timely manner. We have
extensive experience in drafting agreements and contracts with special nature or
agreements that may have overlap in certain areas.

Some of the areas we have provided our clients with legal advisory include drafting
shareholding agreements, management, operating agreements ,facility and security
agreements. We acted as legal representor on a deal where we led the negotiations in
establishing and operating a five-star hotel with a value of USD 100m.

We also worked on an international transaction in the payment card industry. In this
transaction we drafted the SPAs as most of the sellers were banks and we arranged for the
transfer of the shares to various entities, the value price of the deal was USD120m.

We have a significant speciality in drafting, and reviewing various types of legal documents
(both in English and Arabic languages), including but not limited to:

  • JV Agreements
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Consortium Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Conveyance Agreements
  • Lincense Agreements
  • Management Agreements
Employment Law

Effective management of labour issues requires a solid understanding of the legal framework, including practical enforcement of labour legislation. We praise ourselves in having a solid practical experience in managing issues arising from the labour matters, helping businesses in their relations with employees and trade unions and state authorities. We have extensive legal expertise in Labour Law and related cases; providing daily legal support to human resources departments in commercial and industrial companies, in addition to drafting internal by-laws and regulations.

We have the legal expertise to advise on:

  • All kind of Employment litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Employment and Social Security issues, private and public sector
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Taxes
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Unfair Competition
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Outsourcing
Construction & Engineering

We represented a number of clients in the field of construction, which enhanced the firm’s legal knowledge and expertise. Our knowledge in construction law, engineering, contracting and various types of FIDIC contracts separates us from others. We have represented a number of clients in the field of contracting before the Jordanian courts and arbitral tribunals. Our team has a deep understanding of how the different parties in construction and development projects think and what the lenders require to make a project bankable. We have advised on many complex and innovative projects and as such we are experienced in structuring matters and drafting contracts to implement projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our litigation team experience includes representing public bodies, multinational and major national corporations, international contractors, sub-contractors, professionals and financial institutions on a wide range of matters including disputes relating to high value/high profile construction and infrastructure projects, simple construction schemes to major infrastructure projects.

We are capable of providing legal advisory services and we can assist with:

  • Drafting, negotiating and enforcing construction contracts
  • Advising on claims arising out of delays, default, termination and performance bond
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Insurance Claims
  • Construction Loans and Mortgages
Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an organization's most valuable asset. New developments in science and technology have created the need for lawyers with specialized backgrounds in these areas to help protect the intellectual capital of businesses such as know-how and trade secrets and the ones of authors, inventors, musicians and other owners of creative works. The law of intellectual property includes a broad framework of legal protection. We focus on the registration and protection of national and unitary rights in trademarks, patents and industrial designs, copyright protection, licensing contracts, franchising and sponsoring. We also represent clients in proceedings before the competent national and international industrial property offices and courts in relation to the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights.

Our practise involves a variety of aspects, services, defence and enforcement in intellectual property and related areas, including:

  • Trademark services
  • Trademark search
  • Post-registration services: Licensing, transfer, franchise etc.
  • Royalty disputes
  • Patent services
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • IP Licensing
Transactions including M&A

We advise on a wide range of transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, takeovers, private equity, venture capital, debt and equity issues, fund formation, corporate reorganization, corporate governance and company secretarial. We are particularly experienced in advising private equity, financial and multi-national strategic investors on a wide range of corporate investment transactions including joint ventures, co-investments, consortium and collaboration arrangements and divestitures across a number of sectors.

Our services include:

  • Structuring Transactions
  • Structuring Complex Cross-Border Deals
  • Drafting Bilingual Agreements

We earned our prominent standing with a practice centred on high value corporate, M&A, banking, finance, capital markets, energy, project development, telecoms, tax, and restructuring transactions. The Group’s tax and legal advisory work cuts across all our advice on transactions and other practice areas.

Merging or amalgamating with another company or demerging a company into multiple entities brings many legal and tax issues. In this context, we offer comprehensive legal and financial advice on the preparation of domestic as well as cross-border mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, takeover bids, studies and analyses of legal and tax obligations arising from national legal regulation, as well as the elaboration of comprehensive documentation to make the appropriate changes.


We have extensive experience in technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector with a diverse range of experience in advising on and working with regional laws and regulations. We advised on projects with multinational corporations in the region, and have substantial experience in the government sector. In this aspect, we have an extensive experience in software licensing, digital contents agreements system development and network sharing agreements, buying and selling know-how and software and proving all the needed support for telecoms services and software development providers.

Public Law

We have a wealth of experience and competencies in:

  • International Public Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Comparative Public Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Constitutional Litigation
  • Human Rights
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

We have advised several governmental bodies, international organizations, and members of parliament on several issues relating to several matters including International Conventions, Public-Private Partnership, and Human Rights.

Banking & Finance

We have extensive experience in advising local and international institutions whether as lenders or borrowers, on corporate, financial matters, regulatory and compliance regulations, to drafting and reviewing all related legal financial documents and agreements.

Our specialized team is reputed to have hands-on experience and the required skills in tailoring the most complex financial arrangements such as but not limited to:

  • Contentious and non-contentious work to banks and financial institutions in connection to their daily course of business
  • Corporate finance and banking
  • Islamic Finance
  • Syndicated loans
  • Subordinated loans
  • Bank assurance
  • Asset-based lending
  • Public offers and stock market listing
  • Private Equity
  • Banking Disputes
  • Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Modification Credit Arrangements

We assist banking and non-banking financial institutions with transactions in Jordan and the MENA region. We also work with lenders and borrowers on all aspects of structuring, negotiating and drawing up financial transactions. We offer legal advice on capital market laws and regulations, financial instruments, compliance, fraud, anti-money laundery, complex deal structuring and investments.