Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We services focus on preparing insolvency proceedings and evaluating restructuring assessments. From a creditors’ perspective, we secure the enforcement of their claims against a company in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings. We have extensive experience with incidental proceedings as a result of the refusal of a receivable by a bankruptcy administrator.
We have extensive experience acting as a liquidates, we provide comprehensive advice to companies under liquidation/insolvency, its shareholders and creditors. In insolvency proceedings, we also represent clients whether creditors or debtors. We offer clients advice at all stages of insolvency proceedings from filing a claim to representing them throughout the process of insolvency.
Thanks to the close cooperation between our legal and finance partners we are able to propose solutions for our clients that are optimal from both an economic and legal perspective in the fields of liquidation, insolvency and restructuring.

Corporate Governance

Solid corporate governance is fundamental in ensuring the proper management of the entity for the interest of all of its stakeholders and is essential to the long-term sustainability of the entity’s business and performance. In this respect, we assist with the following:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and for the purpose of identifying issues and making improvements.
  • Identification of an adequate institutional framework for good governance in line with the best corporate practices.
  • Development of improved roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors.
  • Training on the relevance and implementation of a legal and corporate governance audit and evaluation.
  • Issuance of a detailed evaluation reports highlighting weaknesses and red flags in the corporate governance structure